Here to help your student’s build unshakeable confidence and resilience to become F.I.T. First-Class, Innovative, Trailblazers of Society who live, thrive, and win on purpose!

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MINDstyle MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP for Student-Athletes

Highly Specialized Training for student-athletes to THRIVE on and off the field.

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Empowering students to OWN THEIR STORY and live victoriously in all aspects of life

MINDSTYLE MAKEOVER Strategies to Help Teachers Power up  inside and outside the classroom

MINDSTYLE MAKEOVER Strategies to Help your FIT Teachers Power up  inside and outside the classroom 


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As the ‘How to Thrive Speaker & Mindstyle Makeover Coach’ I teach your audience how to turn any dis-empowered story into an empowered one; and shifting a victim mentality into one of a Victorious Champion so they can step into a fulfilling purpose driven life.

Tabitha Christopher Thrive Speaker at Hillside Middle School

Trailblazer for Students

At the age of 13, Tabitha became a paid public speaker with a mission to empower students to own their story and live victoriously. She has traveled across the nation and internationally. What makes Tabitha a Trailblazer for students today, is her story. Since a youth she has become well acquainted with tough times that led to her learning how to overcome major loss, abuse, anxiety, abandonment, and addiction. She now uses her story to teach students how to thrive regardless of what they’re going through.     

You really changed my perspective on EVERYTHING. Your heart wrenching yet inspiring story showed us that perseverance, kindness, and forgiveness are extremely important. Your stories and words will follow me throughout my entire life as a constant reminder to keep going no matter what. Thank you for giving us the talk we needed. Sending the most love to you. Thank you.

-Elissa K. Simi Valley, CA

Tabitha Christopher Top Mindstyle Makeover Coach for Student-Athletes
Mindstyle Makeover Bootcamp for Student Athletes

Do you notice your student-athletes struggling at times to juggle school, sports, and the pressures of social media, but you’re lacking the support to help them cope and navigate it all successly? 

MINDstyle MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP is my highly specialized training for student-athletes that provides my Award Winning step by step strategy to develop a F.I.T Champion Mindset so they can thrive in spite of the challenges they face on and off the field.

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Tabitha Christopher is a former actress, professional speaker, storyteller, and award winning trainer with over two decades of presentation and on stage experience.

Her talks are full of energy, entertaining yet educational, and life transforming. She continues to earn stellar reviews from event attendees.