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Are you tired of feeling suffocated by the story you’ve buried for years hoping its pain would eventually disappear?

Whether you’re struggling with forgiving someone who abused you, suffering from anxiety, or feel fearful of getting hurt again,  my MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial provides you with the guidance you deserve to help you shift from paralysis to mobilize you to live healed and own your story.

You really changed my perspective on EVERYTHING. Your heart wrenching yet inspiring story showed us that perseverance, kindness, and forgiveness are extremely important. Your stories and words will follow me throughout my entire life as a constant reminder to keep going no matter what. Thank you for giving us the talk we needed. Sending the most love to you. Thank you.

-Elissa K. Simi Valley, CA

Do you have a desire to live healthy, but it’s been an uphill battle getting your body to align?  

MINDstyle + BODY MAKEOVER is my high level health coaching program that provides my Award Winning Step by Step Strategy that will teach you how to train your mind so you can own your body, live healthy, and transform your life.

I started working with Tabitha fall of 2010 and it was the best thing that could happen to me. At that time, my husband was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and I became his caretaker. I knew I needed help because my health was going down the tubes as well. With Tabitha’s help I lost 50 lbs in 9 months; eventually came off all medications that were treating my high cholesterol and high blood pressure; and I became strong enough to care for my husband. Tabitha’s training helped me to stay grounded during the most challenging time of my life. Thank you Tabitha!

-Christine O. of Glendale, CA

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You’ll also be among the first to know about important announcements, new programs, and helpful resources you’ll want to check out! 

You’ll also be among the first to know about important announcements, new programs and seriously helpful resources you’ll want to look into! 


Book Tabitha to speak at your next event

Tabitha Christopher is a professional motivational speaker, storyteller, and award winning trainer with over two decades of presentation and on stage experience.

Her talks are full of energy, entertaining yet educational, and life transforming. She continues to earn stellar reviews from event attendees.