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The “Own Your Story” presentation, equips students with the strategy and mindset to navigate challenges and emerge as impactful contributors to society. 

MINDstyle MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP for Student-Athletes

Our specialized character and resilience training program with timeless toolkit, provides your students with the blueprint to succeed academically, athletically, emotionally, and socially. 

Tabitha Christopher's Students Transformation Stories

We provide educators with our innovative 1 DAY workshop that provides our master strategy to  successfully navigate challenges inside and outside the classroom.

Educators will leave feeling reignited and equipped to inspire the next generation of leaders! 


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I’m Tabitha Christopher,

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Our mission is to equip young adults with the resilience, skills, and mindset necessary to navigate challenges and emerge as impactful contributors to society. 

Tabitha Christopher Thrive Speaker at Hillside Middle School

Build up Trailblazers

Empower the next generation of leaders to thrive!

Every student has a story. Deep down they know they were meant for more, but they struggle with believing they have what it takes to succeed. The problem is they are allowing their story or other people’s stories to own them. 

The good news is, once your student learns how to OWN THEIR STORY it will make it easier for them to: 

  • Prioritize their wellbeing. 
  • Become peer to peer mentors. 
  • Show empathy for others. 
  • Lead with confidence. 

When you book my OWN YOUR STORY Transformative Experience, your students will learn how to cultivate the mindset of hope to navigate challenges and emerge as impactful contributors to society! 

You really changed my perspective on EVERYTHING. Your heart wrenching yet inspiring story showed us that perseverance, kindness, and forgiveness are extremely important. Your stories and words will follow me throughout my entire life as a constant reminder to keep going no matter what. Thank you for giving us the talk we needed. Sending the most love to you. Thank you.

-Elissa K. Simi Valley, CA

Tabitha Christopher Top Mindstyle Makeover Coach for Student-Athletes
MINDstyle MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP for Student-Athletes

MINDstyle MAKEOVER BOOT CAMP is my specialized resilience and character building training for students in college and high school. This training provides them with the blueprint of how to re-author, own their story, become peer to peer mentors to achieve success inside and outside the classroom.  

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Tabitha Christopher is a former actress, professional speaker, storyteller, and award winning trainer with over two decades of presentation and on stage experience.

Her talks are full of energy, entertaining yet educational, and life transforming. She continues to earn stellar reviews from event attendees.