Who is Tabitha Christopher?

The Short Version of

My Story

I’m a former Actress turned Award Winning Trainer who decided to walk away from pursuing a life of fame and accolades to focus on Healing past hurts within myself so I could truly be Healthy and Do Family Better. With God’s help and my family’s support I took what I learned and did a 12 city tour and reached over 7,000 in less than 1 year.


But more than that…

I am a child of God living in my created purpose and am passionate about teaching everyday Trailblazers how to Own their Story, and unleash the Champion Trailblazer within! 


Tabitha Christopher Mindstyle MAKEOVER Coach and Thrive Speaker

Here’s The Whole Story

Tabitha Christopher as a little girl in the Virgin Islands

I was born in St. Thomas, USVI. It was rough growing up in a household where tension was always high due to living in an unfinished house and my Dad’s violent temper that led to physical abuse.

I thought if I did everything right at home, excelled at school, developed my musical and athletic abilities that would help make things better. 

Deep down I just wanted to run away and escape the chaos at home forever. As things grew worse, I started to lose hope of getting out alive.  

Well, around the age of eight years old I discovered my purpose through a supernatural experience that left me shooked. I heard the audible voice of God speak to me and say I was to ‘Tell my Story’. 


There were two problems,  I was told whatever happens at home STAYS at home and culturally it’s taboo to share your family secrets.   

I promised God to fulfill my purpose by getting into the Entertainment Industry as an Actress and tell other people’s stories that were similar to my own. 

All the while I developed a stutter, severe panic attacks, social anxiety, lost control of my bladder, lost more than 50% of my sight–which I share more about in my book “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny”.

As I got older I suffered from fainting spells, 8 day long painful menstrual cycles with heavy bleeding, PTSD, overdosing on painkillers, became a work-a-holic, addicted to extreme forms of exercise, and eventually by 21 I came breaths away from having a heart attack. 

I desperately needed help, but by this time I was working as an Award Winning Trainer helping high profile clients get their life and health back on track. How could I ever reveal to anyone that I, the Health Coach, needed help with my health, right?

Tabitha Christopher (left) with her oldest sister (right)
Tabitha Christopher acting and fitness shoot in Los Angeles

The Epiphany happened when I was training one of my high profile clients who witnessed me at a very low point of physical pain and extreme fatigue.

She asked, “Why don’t you apply the same principles you teach your clients?”


Over the years I had been developing training programs for Athletes, Military Personnel, CEOs, Hollywood Elites. Eventually my clientele grew to serving a couple hundred of clients. My coaching business was doing well, but I felt STUCK and miserable. 


I had to make a change. It was DO or DIE.

With the help of God and incredible mentors—I took the leap into facing the pains of my past to overcome the trauma of abuse, addiction, anxiety, and unforgiveness.

I went on to teach over 7,000  how I learned to stop FAKING it and Own My Story which I’ve put into my compact course called the MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial. 

Since, my 12 city tour in 2017 I kept being asked to teach how I was able to maintain such a positive outlook on life in the midst of the most challenging moments of my life. Now, for the first time ever I’m taking all my Award Winning Training Techniques and put them all into one power packed training experience, called the MINDstyle MAKEOVER Boot Camp (MSMBC). 

If you’re reading this and your ready for your students to learn how to activate the life formula of success to become F.I.T productive and responsible citizens– Click here to fill out my online booking form and someone from my team will be in touch with you!

Keynote Speaker Tabitha Christopher for Simi Valley Youth Empowerment Summit 2016
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 To wake up every day serving in my purpose as the FITStoryteller, Author, and founder of a life changing program is the ultimate dream come true!

…but the best part is getting to help fellow Trailblazers like you Power UP your life so you can LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE, and FULFILL DESTINY!

 Now is your time Trailblazer—let’s Power UP your life! 




Now is your time


Let’s Power UP

your life! 

Live Thrive Win with Tabitha Christopher


Start living free by learning how to use painful experiences as stepping stones towards your success.

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Highly Specialized Training for Student-Athletes that teaches them how to unlock the life formula of success and unleash their power packed potential to thrive on and off the field.

Tabitha Christopher Keynotes at Howard University Hospital Heart Month

There’s a reason why I call my followers, “Trailblazers” 

It’s not about what you ‘do’ or what you ‘have’, it’s about who you BE! 

If you’re here, it means you’re not someone who waits for things to change. 

Trailblazers stay ready. They are relentless when it comes to putting in the work to fulfill their created purpose and destiny . If that’s you, welcome to the tribe!