Who is Tabitha Christopher?

The Short Version of

My Story

I’m a former Actress and Award Winning Trainer who decided to walk away from pursuing a life of fame and accolades to focus on Healing past hurts within myself so I could truly be Healthy and Do Family Better. With God’s help and my family’s support I took what I learned and did a 12 city tour and reached over 7,000 households in less than 1 year.


But more than that…

I am a child of God living in my created purpose and am passionate about teaching everyday Trailblazers how to truly live Healthy, Stop FAKING it, Own their Story, and Fulfill their Destiny!


Here’s The Whole Story

I was born in St. Thomas, USVI. It was rough growing up in a household where tension was always high due to living in an unfinished house and my Dad’s volatile temper. 

I thought if I did everything right at home, excelled at school, developed my musical and athletic abilities that would help make things better. 

Deep down I just wanted to run away and escape the chaos at home forever. As life at home grew worse, I started to lose hope of things changing. 

I developed a stutter, severe panic attacks, social anxiety, lost control of my bladder, and lost more than 50% of my sight. I started feeling insecure and questioned my worth. 

In the midst of the chaos, I learned of the unrelenting love of God through my mother, teachers, and school counselor. 


This reignited hope within and gave me a burning desire to help those who feel unseen and not heard– to know their worth and immense value.

The only problem was, I didn’t know how I would do that without ‘exposing’ myself and dishonoring my family in revealing what life really was like behind closed doors. 

My first major Epiphany happened when I realized that life was short and I couldn’t allow my feelings nor challenges at home to stop me from living! So I decided to dive in and make my dreams come true!

At the young age of 13, I became a paid Public Speaker. Although I enjoyed the work, I realized the only way to have a lasting impact on any audience would be to share my personal story. I was too afraid to do that. 

So my plan was to focus on developing my passion of storytelling, work as an Actress in the Entertainment Industry where I could hide behind telling other people stories; and when I became famous and had a platform then I would share my story and people would listen. 

Sounds like a solid plan right? Well every job I booked, I kept being asked, “Tabitha, what’s your story?” 

Fast forward to 2011, I had now left the Entertainment Industry hoping to find fulfillment working on my side hustle as a Top-Notch Personal Trainer helping my clients get their health back on track. 

I was developing fitness training programs for Athletes, High Ranked Military Personnel, CEOs, and Hollywood Elites.  Later on, my work as a Personal Trainer grew to my serving a couple of hundred of clients. My business was doing well, but I felt STUCK and miserable. 

I had to make a change. It was DO or DIE.

With the help of God and powerful mentors like—I took the leap into facing the pains of my past to overcome the trauma of abuse, addiction, anxiety, and unforgiveness.

This led me to develop my one Woman Show, “My SECRETS and The Power of Forgiveness” that I ended up doing a 12 city tour.  

The problem was the audiences were asking to buy my book so they could read the stories over and over again. I was not expecting that to happen. Then fear set in. I had never written a book before! I kept telling myself I couldn’t afford to take time off to write one either. 

I fought and fought writing this book for the next two and a half years; until I finally humbled myself and realized that the book was never about me! It was about the people it will help. 

So now in my newly released book, “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” it will help to lead you back to your Source where you will find refuge, healing, and freedom.

Along with my book I have developed the MINDstyle MAKEOVER Method that teaches the Power Packed Principles to Discovering Your Purpose, to Live Healthy, and Power up your life!

This method is embedded in my trainings that can be found on my website www.tabithachristopher.com.

To wake up every day serving in my purpose as an Author, Riveting Storyteller, and Podcast Host is the ultimate dream come true! 

…but the best part is getting to help fellow Trailblazers like you DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE, LIVE HEALTHY, and POWER UP YOUR LIFE!

Now is your time Trailblazer—let’s Heal and PowerUP your life! 

Now is your time


Let’s Power UP

your life! 

3D Secrets Book of Destiny

Living To Fulfill Destiny

Stories To Inspire You To Never Give Up, until you’ve reached your destiny.


Start living free by learning how to Stop FAKING it, Heal, and OWN YOUR STORY. 


There’s a reason why I call my followers, “Trailblazers” 

It’s not about what you ‘do’ or what you ‘have’, it’s about who you BE! 

If you’re here, it means you’re not someone who waits for things to change. 

Trailblazers stay ready. They are relentless when it comes to putting in the work to fulfill their created purpose and destiny . If that’s you, welcome to the tribe!