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Motivational Talk for the F.I.T Teacher

Teachers play many roles in the shaping of a student’s life. Oftentimes they don’t get to hear or see how massive their impact actually is.

Teachers are the capeless heroes of society who are the thread that’s sewing us together to build a better and stronger future for the world.

Your staff deserves to be reminded of the purposeful role they serve in. My talk of ‘Being a F.I.T Teacher’ will provide that electrifying upflifting experience your staff needs to give them that extra boost to push forward. 

They will be singing your praises for booking this life changing experience! 

Topics covered in this talk:
  • The Educator’s Influence: Shaping Future Generations – Highlighting the profound impact educators have on their students’ lives and the long-lasting influence they wield.
  • Building Strong Teacher-Student Relationships with storytelling.  The power of story is a creative and effective way to engage students and create meaningful connections that will enhance their academic and personal development.
  • Stress Management and Self-Care for Teachers – Shares our Master strategy for managing stress and prioritizing self-care to ensure your educators  remain healthy and effective in their roles.


The Workshop that provides teachers with the OTS Blueprint of how to keep your students captivated, engaged, and excited about learning!

Unlock the power of story into your teaching style by learning Tabitha’s effective storytelling techniques that will help you own the classroom and communicate your message in a way that creates a powerful impact in your student’s education and life journey.


Take back charge of your school’s future by helping faculty take back charge of their health!

With this power packed workshop your audience will get access to my award winning techniques of how to get off the health struggle bus without gym! This workshop will help the members of your staff learn how to better  manage their stress levels, get better sleep, eliminate body aches, and naturally boost their energy by 100x

Session 1: Train Your Mind

  • Learn Tabitha’s 5 step MINDSTYLE MAKEOVER Method to develop a healthy thought life (mindstyle) so you can lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • The most common pitfall that’s making you sick. 

Session Two: Own Your Body

  • Learn preventative methods to caring for your health to avoid huge medical expenses later.
  • “The 7 Building Blocks” that must be utilized in order to ensure long term success in your health goals. Unfortunately, most people only utilize 3 to 4 of them. 
  • The #1 worse mistake you can make when training for long term success in your health. 

Session 3: Implement

It’s time to take what you’ve learned from Session one and two and put it to work ! 

Maybe you want to book it all—the FIT Talk, OWN THE STAGE, and OWN YOUR BODY workshops—we got you covered with our compact 1 Day FIT Teacher Workshop Experience!

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Tabitha Christopher Top Mindstyle Makeover Coach for Student-Athletes

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