Tabitha Christopher Top Thrive Speaker for Middle School Students


Tabitha Christopher Top Thrive Speaker for Students


Build Resilience, Character, and Confidence.

Tabitha is on a mission to impact 1 million students to become F.I.T (First-Class Innovative Trailblazers) of society by year 2032. 


Every student has a story. Deep down they know they were meant for more, but they struggle with believing they have what it takes to succeed. The problem is they are allowing their story or other people’s stories to own them. 

The good news is, once your student learns how to OWN THEIR STORY it will make it easier for them to: 

  • Focus in class. 
  • Respect authority. 
  • Show empathy for others. 
  • Lead with confidence. 


“Tabitha, spoke at my daughter’s school in Simi Valley. She had a huge impact on my daughter having no clue what she’s been through in the last 9 months. I wanted to say thank you. My daughter and I lost her mom and my loving wife in February 2018 after a short 7 month battle of cancer. Your talk today meant a ton to her and inspired her to continue. Again, thank you!”

Mark Seabaugh


  • STOP FAKING IT & OWN YOUR STORY: Tabitha empower students to use their voice to speak up and ask for help in navigating through challenging situations so they can learn how to own their story and not allow their past pains to stop them from reaching their fullest potential. 

  • KNOWING YOU ARE A VICTOR: Tabitha teaches students  their core identity of being VICTORS and not victims. Many students today are living confused, frustrated, filled with anxiety, and feeling hopeless because they are being bombarded by ‘messaging’ telling them they are not capable of handling the challenges of life. Tabitha’s message assures them that they are built to weather the storms of life when they discipline their mind to shift from focusing on the obstacles and problems to zoning in on the opportunities and solutions! 

  • LIVE YOUR PURPOSE NOW: Tabitha empowers students to recognize that whatever is before them NOW is their purpose. Students are encouraged to unleash their power packed potential in applying everything within themselves to become the BEST at whatever they put their hand to.They are challenged to think deeply of how to utilize their talents and education to  improve their life at home, school, and in their community for the greater good.

  • ANTI-BULLYING: Having been a victim of bullying that led to many close calls, Tabitha’s talks gracefully addresses this challenge in a way that allows for the victim and perpetrator to see their immense self-worth and the great value in each other. The goal is to shed light on each student’s humanity and the great responsibility they have to look out for one another to actively strengthen  their school community. 

  • LIFE FORMULA OF SUCCESS: Tabitha uncovers how students can own their story so they can live, thrive, and win regardless of what trials or challenges they have faced in the past, are facing presently, and will face in the future.


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Tabitha Christopher Top Thrive Speaker for Students