Real Transformations

“I feel more energy and vitality in my late 50’s since working with Tabitha than I ever did as a 25 year old athlete.”

CEO of RISARC 2014

“I was experiencing a really challenging time at home and work, to the point of where I wanted to give up. Through Tabitha’s training program I was able to build back up my mental and physical fortitude and today more than a decade later I am still thriving! 

Army Civilian Lieutenant Malone Moss 2008

“Tabitha, spoke at my daughter’s school in Simi Valley. She had a huge impact on my daughter having no clue what she’s been through in the last 9 months. I wanted to say thank you. My daughter and I lost her mom and my loving wife in February 2018 after a short 7 month battle of cancer. Your talk today meant a ton to her and inspired her to continue. Again, thank you!”

 –Mark Seabaugh 2018

“Tabitha’s training kept me sane and grounded during the most challenging time of my life with trying to balance work, self-care, and caring for my husband who was diagnosed with lung cancer.”

Christine O. of Glendale, CA 2010 

“My confidence and self-esteem improved greatly. My energy levels were amazing and it was easier to assist my patients.”

Kathleen M. Registered Nurse 2011

“An Amazing woman with an AMAZING gift! Captivating. Riveting. Moving. Stirring. You will not be disappointed!”

Rashall HighTower Stickel, Director of Student Equity at Antelope Valley College 2017