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We have the right training for you no matter where you are on your journey

to owning your story and living healthy.

Are you tired of carrying around your past story of secrets hoping the pain and shame would eventually disappear?

Have you realized that stuffing the pain of your past is only making things worse for you and your relationships? You’re not alone, I was once where you are until I received the right guidance, tools, and support I needed to heal and be free from my past pains.

Now with the MINDstyle MAKEOVER Tutorial you will get access the answers you’ve been seeking to Stop FAKING it, Heal, and Own Your Story. 


You really changed my perspective on EVERYTHING. Your heart wrenching yet inspiring story showed us that perseverance, kindness, and forgiveness are extremely important. Your stories and words will follow me throughout my entire life as a constant reminder to keep going no matter what. Thank you for giving us the talk we needed. Sending the most love to you. Thank you.

-Elissa K.Simi Valley, CA

Do you have a desire to live healthy, but it’s been an uphill battle getting your body to align?  Tabitha’s 1 on 1 MINDstyle + BODY MAKEOVER is an Award Winning coaching program that is  founded on Biblical Principles combined with Tabitha’s life experiences and more than a decade of expertise as a Double National Certified Trainer, to  help you effectively train your mind so you can own your body, transform your health and power up your life.

Developed exclusively for Trailblazers looking to kick the health struggle bus to the curb, regain control over their mind and body, this 1 on 1 coaching connects the dots for the everyday person.

Leveraging her years of developing lifestyle and training programs for a variety of high profile clients and overcoming her own personal health challenges, Tabitha breaks down the overwhelming process of mind training into a easy to follow step by step process to help you rebuild your health so you can have the vitality and energy to do what you love while living the life of your dreams.

I feel more energy and vitality in my late 50s since working with Tabitha than I ever did as a 25 year old athlete!

-Richard Stephenson


3D Secrets Book of Destiny

So your life at home is toxic and you’ve tried to change yourself hoping things would get better, but instead things get worse. You may have tried asking for help, but no one is listening. You feel invisible and not heard.

Now, you’re at a crossroads and have to decide whether to stay or go. Listen, you’re not alone I was once where you are. In my newly released book, “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” I share my personal imperfect story of life struggles and what I did to overcome all of them

Whether it be affirming that your life truly matters and that you’re not alone or gaining the confidence to do what’s best for yourself and your family. “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” will inspire you to never give up until you’ve fulfilled your destiny.

The book was amazing!!! Sometimes what we go thru helps others. In this case your book did just that. God has a funny way of showing up in there midst of all situations and making us see the bigger picture. God has a purpose for my life way before I knew myself and I am living and walkign in his purpose nad finding myself again has been a well worth journey. Thanks for sharing your story because it resonated with me in a lot of ways! 

-Treniece, Augusta GA 2020