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3D Secrets Book of Destiny

So your life at home is toxic and you’ve tried to change yourself hoping things would get better, but instead things get worse. You may have tried asking for help, but no one is listening. You feel invisible and not heard.

Now, you’re at a crossroads and have to decide whether to stay or go. Listen, you’re not alone I was once where you are. In my upcoming book, “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” I share stories from my past of the constant warfare between the Natural and Spiritual Realm that wreaked havoc within my family. It became a daily fight of survival to which I was determined to win.

Whether it be affirming that your life truly matters and that you’re not alone or gaining the confidence to do what’s best for yourself and your family. “SECRETS, The Book of Destiny” will inspire you to never give up until you’ve fulfilled your destiny.

Today you have changed my perspective on life the whole time I was crying by your beautiful sad story and the way you expressed every detail of it made me so inspired. I will never ever forget this experience and I would like to thank you for touching and impacting my life.

-Amelia J. 2018

Are you the friend that gives great life advice, but you’re secretly struggling in your own life?

Things have gotten so tough, getting up in the morning is a chore. POWER UP your life provides the tools you need to take back your power and boldly step into your purpose.

Studies have shown those who live purpose driven lives tend to lead more healthy and fulfilling lives. POWER UP Your Life will walk you through the step by step process you need to get unstuck, own your power to take charge of your life.


The Power Up Challenge has helped me understand that a change in my lifestyle has to take place in my mindstyle first because the body does to what the mind thinks; and that this change has to be done daily.  It was well planned out and Tabitha is very knowledgeable with the information given. I cannot think of any way that it could’ve been done better.

-Gabriel F. 2020